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Friday, May 15, 2015

Kayla - Senior Session | Rachel Smith Photography, Statesboro Georgia Photographer

This Georgia Southern University grad just finished up her Spanish degree this year. She is out to do BIG things with her degree. She was such a sweet young lady and I'm so thankful she chose me to capture her last memories at #GSU
Congrats to all the GSU grads, specially this sweet young lady!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Colonial House of Flowers | Rachel Smith Photography, Statesboro Ga Photographer

I had the opportunity to photograph the flowers by the very talented Colonial House of Flowers for an alumni event at Georgia Southern University. She had a very beautiful set up that looked straight out of a magazine. Her stunning floral arrangements were accented by some gorgeous Accent Decor gold containers. She also had a succulent & moss arrangement in a gorgeous Pottery Barn wood dough bowl. Take a look at some of the beautiful work of our local Colonial House of Flowers!

Statesboro, GA Photographer | Savannah GA Photographer

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Importance of photo session makeup... | by Makeup by Briana

This weeks featured blogpost comes to you from a dear friend of mine and SUPER talented makeup artist, Briana from Makeup by Briana. She is going to blog about the importance of professional makeup for a photo session and the difference it can make in making you feel extra beautiful!!

Hi everyone! My name is Briana Alcantara, and I have been in the beauty industry for almost 9 years. Although I continue to learn and experience new things as a Makeup Artist, there are some things that will remain the same until the end of time and that my friends is the importance of professional makeup. I have learned throughout the years that makeup is just as important as the clothes you wear and how you style your hair. But people who aren't exposed to the industry tend to overlook certain investments such as professional hair, makeup, and photography which I completely understand. You can't invest in something that you aren't fully aware of, hence the reason I am writing this post, haha! When I think of photography, I think of a moment in time that cannot be replaced or reenacted so during these occasions whether its a wedding, family photos, engagement session, etc, why wouldn't anyone want to take the next step to make sure they look their best? 

Photo credit: My Amelia Photography

Makeup is much more important than it seems to most people, and what people often fail to realize is that camera's don't lie. They put emphasis on most flaws and make them even more noticeable then they are in real life. There is only so much a photographer can do without making the client look over edited so that is where a Makeup Artist is beneficial. We, as artists, have the capability to conceal flaws and enhance natural beauty in ways that other people wouldn't have even thought of. Professional Makeup Artists have vast product knowledge, are up to date on the new trends, provide quality work for your photos that will last a lifetime. 

From natural to glamorous, it's important to hire someone with the ability to meet the clients and photographers needs. Now let me explain a little bit about this photo-ready makeup I've been blabbering about, haha. The application is more then the every day wear but TRUST ME it makes a HUGE difference. Even something as simple as false lashes can change the entire dynamic of the look. I always have a talk with my clients before hand and explain that if I don't apply the makeup to a certain intensity, it will not show up on camera and their money will have gone to waste. The reason I explain this to them is not because the makeup will be caked on in anyway, its because most of the time, my clients are not makeup wearers at all. In closing, to the women on the fence about it, invest in yourself, even if its only once. We all deserve to feel glamorous and pampered for the day! 

Hope you're inspired,
Makeup by Briana

More subtle look for basic photo session

More dramatic look for a glam session/boudoir session

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