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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Military Homecoming | Shakeshaft

This homecoming was so sweet! The Shakeshaft's are friends of ours and their daughter McKenzy's expressions that night moved me to tears while I was editing. She is the sweetest thing ever and was so happy to have her daddy back! Don't forget to check out their emotional homecoming video linked below! I hope you enjoy the previews :)

YOUTUBE VIDEO | http://youtu.be/Vo-thW4oC1U

Monday, August 25, 2014

Military Homecoming | Weaver Family

I first met this adorable family last year when they asked me to shoot some family photos and their little man's one year photos. I watched as Sam had to deal with the bad "D" word of deployment so I was super excited to hear it coming to an end for her little family when she asked me just a few days before their homecoming to photograph it. This homecoming day was INSANELY hot out, I was pouring buckets embarrassingly enough, but it was still so awesome to see such love in a family. [even if I had to wipe away sweat tears to see it lol] I'm so thankful they are back together again and I hope you enjoy the previews & their VIDEO that is also below and can be seen directly on YOUTUBE - http://youtu.be/aP84p2is-cU

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