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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reese Family

This colorfully dressed family was so much fun to photograph! Everyone was gorgeous and the colors they chose were bright and fun! The kids were thinking of ideas for pictures and enjoying the shoot to the fullest. So glad I was able to photograph this beautiful family!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Baucom's

This family was a blast to photograph! Susan had contacted me before and told me all the cute little details about the children: Piper, Elliot, and Penelope! {cute names to match the cute kids!} As you can see in the photos, the children were all smiles which made them super easy to photography! Susan and her husband were all about getting involved and doing things even like jumping to make their pictures fun! They sure did great and I'm so glad to have gotten the opportunity to meet the Baucom family and photograph them! Hope you enjoy some of my favs from their shoot!

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Facebook Fan Page - PLEASE RE-JOIN!!!

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Thank you again for your continued support!!!!

NEW BUSINESS NAME: Rachel SMITH Photography [I got MARRIED...YAY!]

So, as hopefully most of you know by now, I recently got married to a wonderful man. With that change means NEW BUSINESS NAME! YAY! :) [I'm pretending to be excited because while it is exciting, it is actually a TON of work and a lot of little things to re-check and go over to make sure everything is changed correctly and that I didn't miss a change anywhere! haha Whiiiiich I probly did so hey if you see any misses, feel free to point them out! haha] Anyways, this is by far the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. Not a lot of people know about my past situation and what I have went thru in the last few years; but those of you who do, know that I never thought I would be able to get out of my situation and get help and recover as much as I have. I never thought I could not only heal and grow stronger from the situation, but to find someone as amazing as I have after the fact. God blessed me with a man who not only is worthy of respect, is loving, caring and much MUCH more; but also supports, respects, and loves me and everything that I am and that I do with his entire being. I truly didn't know that a love and a marriage could be this wonderful! God blessed us beyond what I could have ever thought and I am SO SO SO thankful! I could go on and on about this haha, but just know that those of you who have been here to show love & support thru everything, I appreciate it more than any of you will ever know. Just thought I'd post some personal pictures of the new addition to my life. :) 
   Hunter {My Marine} playin' his guitar

    Us with our closest friends who have supported us 100% along the way....we love you all!

Hunter & I in front of an AAV {the vehicles he works with}

 These three photos above were taken in front of his families house in Mississippi

    One of our first dates :)

     Ya, he's crazy like me ;)

    Spending a day at the beach before he deployed

    Hunter & Rachel

AGAIN - THANK YOU to everyone for being there to support us and love us! To all my fans, PLEASE help with the new changes and don't forget to join the NEW Rachel SMITH Photography Facebook page Rachel Smith Photography's Facebook!

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