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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hudson | Rachel Smith Photography | Statesboro, GA Photographer

This sweet little boy's mama hired me last year when we first moved to Statesboro to capture their family session. They were my first portrait session here in Statesboro and out of it, I made a friend! I was super excited to capture sweet Hudson's birthday pictures. He's got some gorgeous eyes too! Hope you enjoy some of my favs!


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hart Family | Rachel Smith Photography | Statesboro, GA Photographer

I had the opportunity to photograph this sweet couple a couple years ago as he returned home from his deployment to Camp Lejeune, NC when we were stationed there as well. Now a couple years later they are married with a gorgeous and adorable little lady and live in Savannah where we are now close to for recruiting duty. When she contacted me for a family session I was thrilled since they were such a sweet couple back when I photographed them for his homecoming. I hope you like some of my favs from their session!


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Surprise Engagement Proposal | Barrett + Rachel | Statesboro, GA

Barrett + his mother hired me to capture this sweet surprise engagement proposal and I'm so glad because it was super sweet + fun to capture! It was done on their family farm so I hid in the barn as I waited for them to arrive. Once they did and I saw it was safe to come hide a little closer, I crept around to try to capture the moment best I could without being seen. Once Rachel saw me, I got in closer and got to capture some of their sweet first moments together as fiances! :) Congrats to this sweet couple, props to the mom + Barrett for hiring a photographer to have this moment on film forever! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites! Some of my favorites are the ones where she had no idea they were even being photographed but still looked at him with such love. 


AND then she finally saw me!!!! :)

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