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Monday, August 26, 2013

Maureen & Tyler

Maureen is a friend of mine whom I met when I used to work as an Admissions Rep at Miller-Motte College. We became good friends as we started there at the same time so we were both the "outcast newbies" haha. Maureen used to tell us all about her "friend" Tyler and all of us at work always knew that her & Tyler would end up together because it was obviously both of them wanted to be together but were both too stubborn to admit it. So, when Maureen asked me to photograph them as a couple, I was super excited! After photographing them it is very obvious that they are a super amazing couple and are very much meant to be together. I had a blast capturing them & making Tyler do awkward man poses, you know...since men just "looooove" taking pictures. [hence the sarcasm] We had our photoshoot in the Topsail area and that evening the sky, sun, & lighting were just perfect! None of the photos below are overlays. Makes you really see how beautiful God can paint the skies. <3 Enjoy!



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