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Friday, November 15, 2013

In Memory of SGT. Daniel Wiggins | RIP December 29, 1988 - September 25, 2013

About a month and a half ago our next door neighbor & friend, Daniel Wiggins, a SGT. in the United States Marine Corps, tragically passed away. Our neighborhood is a very close knit neighborhood and most of us have developed deep friendships, we are not just neighbors. So hearing this news was devastating. My heart instantly broke not only for his sweet young son, Bryson - but for the love of his life, Heather, who is also a SGT. in the Marine Corps. I couldn't imagine getting the news that the one who has your heart & soul has passed away. My heart was hurting so bad for sweet Heather and I knew I wanted to do something for her, but I didn't know what. My mind wondered to photography because I mean, when does it not. I thought maybe there was some way I could give her an emotional photo she could cherish for years to come. However, Danny had already passed, how could I do this? After talking to her and making sure this is something she would want to do, I began brainstorming & searching through old photos of Danny. I had a very hard time and couldn't quite find the right one to use that would work in the way I had envisioned. However, I found a photo that I thought might work given I posed Heather just right and did a little photoshop tweaking in post processing. Taking the photos I had to hold back some emotion because I knew it wasn't easy for Heather. But being the strong woman she is, she held back her emotions and kept it together and posed beautifully and exactly how I asked her to. It wasn't hard for her to pose exactly how I envisioned as she held her & Danny's dog tags between her fingers & cradled the flag that was presented to her at Danny's funeral because I can only imagine the emotion she felt while doing so. Although such an emotional photo, it was beautiful. Once I got home I immediately began working on the photos as I was so excited to get them to her. Working on them was a bit emotional, but I knew it was worth it for those who loved him deeply to have this memory of him. I was honored to know not only such a great Marine, but a great father and all around guy. Danny always smiled and waved and never missed a chance to make an impact on someones life. Although his death was extremely tragic, I'm thankful for the deep friendships that have developed from the tragedy of his death. If any good can come from such a tragedy, it's building strong bonds with those who were closest to him, one of those being Heather. I am thankful to have built a friendship with Heather through all of this and am humbled to know her. She is not only a strong woman, but a Marine; and being a Marine spouse, I have nothing but respect for all that they do. Rest in peace sweet Danny. We all will love and miss you for years to come. I hope these photos bring warmth to the hearts of those who knew him best. xoxo

R.I.P SGT. Daniel Wiggins - December 29, 1988 - September 25, 2013


  1. That last one is the one that made me cry. Her eyes tell it all. Thank you for sharing. Stunning work and prayers for this family.

  2. Wow! So sad and tough! :( Beautiful pictures though. Prayers for her & their son, as well as for their family and friends.

  3. Wow, I am speechless. I am sure it is hard for her to be strong but these photos speak volumes to how important it is to remember that people sacrifice everything for us as Americans and even those who are not. What a gift, as bittersweet as it is.


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