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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby Mila & The Rodriguez Family

I met Lisa sometime last year [she did my hair - and she's dang good too! :) haha] and became friends with her on Facebook after that. Recently I noticed that her sweet baby girl had been born early and that her new little daughter was in the NICU in Wilmington due to some serious health issues that the doctors could not figure out just yet. I could see Lisa posting photos of her and her family at the NICU daily and saw how they were doing all they could to remain positive through such an emotional & scary time in their lives. I kept being reminded that God had blessed me with a great year with my photography business and had given me so much throughout that, that I wanted to give back to whomever, however I felt lead. I began to really feel it was put on my heart to do something for them but as usual, I didn't know what to do. As a photographer, I notice pictures everywhere, so I noticed that on Lisa's Facebook most of her photos of them in the NICU were "selfies" of her and her baby or her husband and son with the baby or what not at the hospital on her cell phone camera. This is expected since everyone [even me] uses their cell phone cameras to capture almost every moment in our lives these days. Well, I was going to be in Wilmington one day for a photo shoot anyways, so I decided it wouldn't be too hard to swing by on my way home and document some of their time with their sweet girl in the NICU as a family together on a real camera, not a cell phone lol. I contacted Lisa and she gratefully accepted my offer. These are moments they will look back on one day and remember how strong they were as a family and how strong Baby Mila was and how they got through this emotional time together. I wanted to capture those moments for them, so I did and I'm so thankful I was able to for them. It was a beautiful time to capture. Here is their short little story…..

"Baby Milania (Baby Mila) was born a few weeks early and has a very long road ahead of her. The reason why she is in the NICU is because she was born with a GI tract blockage. On day one of being in this crazy world, she was whisked away to surgery to figure out where and what the blockage was from. They originally tried to do just a small incision on her stomach, but after pulling some of the intestines out, the docs quickly realized it was more serious than a little blockage. They then had to make a cut across her entire belly and remove all of her GI Tract to go over it inch by inch. The meconium was so backed up that it caused her small intestine to rupture while she was in mommys belly. The docs ended up removing 1/3 of her small intestine and had to make small incisions along the GI tract to remove the blockages. The doc said the meconium was the worst she had ever seen being that it was the consistency of Laffy Taffy. As of now Milania has two ends, about an inch of intestine on each side, hanging out of her stomach from where they removed the ruptured portion. The doctors will not be able to reconnect the two ends until the eight week mark. Once we hit that date, we can begin the recovery process. The doctors still dont know what is causing the blockage. The docs are leaning towards Cystic Fibrosis being the cause of it all, but we wont be sure until later on down the line. Mila still has a long road ahead of her but we are so appreciative of all the support and prayers we have received."

Please continue to pray for sweet baby Mila and her beautiful family as they still have a long road of unanswered questions and healing ahead of them.

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