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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Lone Military Wife

Had a little something come up in my not so artistic brain, but I wanted to do it anyways and see what I came up with. A bit cheesy? Maybe...but to me, this image represents seeing the light in a dark time many of my viewing audience deals with. For me, I wanted it to represent something dear to me that I have experienced being a military wife and many around me experience as well. For those of you who are currently dealing with deployment, maybe this will give you even the tiniest bit of encouragement....

The lone military wife: During deployment, we hold it together best we can for our husbands, our children, and even ourselves. However, it is late at night when we start to unwind that it becomes difficult. Late at night after you've worked all day, picked the kids up from school, prepared dinner, mowed the yard with a 7 month old on your back, fixed the broken dishwasher you had no idea how to fix, held your 2 year old while they screamed and cried for their daddy for hours, and explained for the 16th time to your 4 year old why daddy left and promising that he will return eventually. [you hold back tears & say a prayer to yourself that he actually will return] Late at night once you've got the kids to bed, you finally have some peace & quiet. While you are thankful for the peace and quiet, you yearn to hear "I love you sweetheart" from the other side of the bed. Instead you cling to what you have....the cammies you sprayed with his cologne right after he left. While they are gone, specially after they just deploy, it feels like you are stuck alone in the darkness and it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The light that reminds us there will be an end to it, Lordwilling he will be home soon, and eventually you will no longer have to cling to his cologne sprayed cammies, but you can hold onto him. Finding that light to hold on to, to get you through, makes all the difference. It's ok to have those nights where you feel sad, but be encouraged by the light. The light that is there even in the darkness. 

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