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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doug & Ashley Thomasey

Oh my goshhhh! I had THEE best time at Doug & Ashley's wedding. Seriously, this was the most fun wedding I had ever been to. It was SO much fun. I worked with Ashley at Waterstone so I had the privilege of already knowing her before the wedding. Doug and Ashley are two of the sweetest people I know and I was honored to be able to shoot their wedding for them! I went a little crazy on the dancing shots but I couldn't help it. Let me just say it was the most entertaining dance floor I have seen yet. The mother of the bride was out there almost the whole time which was awesome! Everyone at the wedding was so helpful and so much fun to work with. Thanks Doug & Ashley and to the Thomasey and Palmer families for allowing me to have such a fun time while doing my job. You guys made it easy! :)

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  1. So we know this is a long time overdue, but we really had to think about where to start.

    We had to get rid of our initial photographer 1 week before our wedding based on the fact that they had changed their policies and would not give us a copy of ALL of our pictures. With this in mind, we started asking around and it just so happened that Ashley and Rachel worked together. Rachel overheard of the troubles and offered to do our wedding for us.

    Rachel is one of the most laid back professional people that we have ever met. She knows how to make you feel comfortable, yet get you to take pictures you normally wouldn't think to take. We ended up taking pictures at 3 different locations besides the church. (trails where we run, on the track where we met, and also on the helicopter pad at the reception)

    Possibilities are endless when it comes to Rachel. She does what is necessary (even laying on the floor with a group standing over her) to get the best shots possible and then gives you rights to your pictures. All in all she took pictures for over 7 hours on the day of our wedding which included well over 900+ pictures.

    We couldn't have been more happy with our pictures and the way Rachel performed the photography at our wedding and reception. If you are in between two photographers, go with the energetic Rachel and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

    Doug and Ashley


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