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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Torkelson Family: Remembering Grant

Yesterday, I had the honor to photograph some special photos for one of my dear friends and her family. Two years ago to the day yesterday, Ashley, Jesse, their daughter Vaeya [who was two at the time] and their son Grant [then four months] had their family photos taken by the very talented Jennifer Blake Photography [view their session with her by clicking her name]. Little did the Torkelson family know, it would be the last time they would have family photos with their baby boy. Grant gained his angel wings February 28, 2013 at just shy of 9 months old. Many of you may remember hearing "TEAM GRANT" and supporting this sweet family during their tragic loss.

Fast forward a little bit...Ashley and I became friends a few months ago through church friends and after getting to know her and her family more, I can honestly say that they are two of the most genuine & loving people I've ever met. Jesse is a great guy, always making everyone laugh, and a very loving father. Ashley is an amazing woman, beautiful inside and out, and has endured so much as a mother that the respect I have for her is beyond measure. Their family suffered a tragic loss but have still remained so full of love, happiness, and passion for God, life, and others. When Ashley told me she wanted to get more family photos done and wanted to incorporate Grant, I was honored, yet nervous. I wanted to create something special for her and I wanted it to be perfect. I had her bring some extras to the shoot so we could honor his memory. She brought a photo of Grant and his old sock monkey. She also wanted the photos done on the same day that they did family photos two years ago and at the same location, so we did just that. So, yesterday, exactly two years to the date, their daughter now two years older, and a new four month old baby girl added to the family, we re-created some memories for them and incorporated their sweet angel as well. I had to hold back tears during the session and while editing. When I say this family is full of love, I'm not just saying that to add words to the story. Their love tells its own story. The love they display in these photos was not staged. The kisses were natural, the smiles & laughter you see were natural, not posed. It warms my heart to know I could give this family some photos as a whole family, even with their sweet angel baby, Grant. I couldn't help but finish their session once I started so I stayed up until almost 3am last night finishing these photos for this absolutely amazing family. I hope they love them and I hope you do too! <3 We'll never forget you sweet baby Grant.

6.5.12 - 2.28.13

This was Grant's sock-monkey! Vaeya had to give him lots of lovins!! :)

            Ashley + Jesse can now have a photo of all of her babies together, even their sweet angel.

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  1. This is amazing. You have given this family a priceless gift. God bless you and this beautiful family!


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