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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Personal Post | Jackson Update #2

If you missed Jackson's first update, I will post the link to that at the end....But here is the most recent update. I'm sorry it is so long but I have many family members and friends who want to know the update and I cannot type this 857 times nor can I repeat it 857 times on the phone, haha! I am drained and just want to post these updates on here so I can update everyone at once. So here is the most recent update! :)

Thanks to everyone who has texted or messaged asking about and praying for Jackson. I finally have time to post an update...after a VERY long and draining day yesterday at his 1st specialist appointment [the pediatric orthopedic specialist in Augusta GA] we were told some potentially good but also confusing news from the specialist there. I'll try to summarize [but, I really suck at that so bare with me while I blab anyways lol] Prior to leaving for the hospital yesterday morning, I stopped by the Statesboro Radiology place that did Jackson's X-ray and got a copy of a CD with his X-rays on it and brought it with us to his specialist appointment as we were told to do. We began our almost 2 hour drive to Augusta and I was quite nerved the entire time. Once we got to his specialist and were finally seen after waiting 2.5 hours, for our maybe 10 minute appointment, we were told that his XRAY we brought looked good and normal. When I asked him why were told + why the report stated that he had spinal fusion he said "I can't speak for what anyone else told you or reported, I can only speak for what I'm looking at, so you will need to check with them to see why they told you that. I can't speak for if there were errors made but can only speak for the X-ray I'm looking at and the one I am looking at is completely normal." At that time, I wanted to be excited, but we weren't sure if there had been an X-ray mix up, an error made by radiology or what not, but knew SOMEWHERE along the line there was an error made by someone we just had to figure out where the mix up was so we could confirm that the X-ray was indeed normal and that it was even Jackson's before jumping the gun. I spoke to his DR here in town who basically told me that unfortunately since they don't read the X-rays themselves, they only go by the report given to them by the radiologist who reads the X-rays and gets the report to them, that I needed to call the radiologist to see if there was a mix up or see why there was a contradiction given he reported that there was a spinal fusion and that the specialist said everything looked good. Today the radiologist and I were able to finally talk and he confirmed the amazing news that Jackson's X-ray indeed looked good! He said that the contradiction was done because the initial pediatric DR's had suspected spina bifida [where the spine is open and nerves can be exposed through the opening in the spine] and asked in their report to him to check for signs of that and asked questions about if the spine was open, etc. etc. The radiologist answered the questions in the report and wrote that no the spine was not open, but was fused. He had failed to mention that the entire spine itself though was normal and that when he said fused he meant fused as normal not fused abnormally such as with spinal fusion. He apologized to me that he should have been more clear but that he was just answering there questions from the report and that they had misinterpreted it to mean something he didn't mean for it to be/say. He was very apologetic and told me he has a three year old son as well and that he would have been devastated to hear such scary news and have to go through all that, just for this. So, as emotionally draining and confusing as yesterday was, needless to say, I am SO thankful to hear the worst news so far to be true is that there was a misinterpretation amongst the reports and doctors initially. Jackson's spine is good and that is what matters! So, thank the Lord for that! We still have the episode from late last year that he has to see the pediatric neurologist for next month so we will cross that bridge when we get there, but for now, I'm praising God that this other worry can be completely erased by human error/misinterpretation! So again, thank you to those who prayed and please continue to pray for his next appointment next month that we can find some answers for that particular issue as well. God is good!!!

p.s. as for the bruise area/spot on his back. They are going to look at it some more at his other specialist appointment and follow up with his doctor to see what other possibilities that may be from. 

Jackson Health Update #1

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