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Monday, December 7, 2015

The MacDonald's // Rachel Smith Photography // Statesboro + Savannah Ga Photographer

This awesome couple are two of my favorite clients ever! They have truly made me feel so valuable as a photographer as they have invested not only money in me, but time traveling to me and are always so much fun, laid back, and let me know how appreciated I am by them! This is my third session with them. They live in Massachusetts, and the first session they drove to PA while I was up there traveling for a session. The second session, they drove all the way down to NC for a session with me when I lived there. This third time, they drove down to Washington DC while I was there for sessions for one. This session was a little different than normal as it was a bit later in the evening so we could get some shots at some spots using the lighting around us and hope to have a little less busy of areas. However, DC never sleeps so we worked around the people that were all over the place. :) Here are some of my favorites from this session and I hope you enjoy them too!

Rachel Smith Photography
Statesboro + Savannah Ga Photographer
Available for travel

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