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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MacDonald's: Part 2

I did a shoot for the MacDonald's last year up in Pennsylvania at the beautiful Longwood Gardens during the winter. It was FREEZING! Check out their first shoot HERE! This time around, Amanda wanted to come here to warmer North Carolina and get a little more warmth for her photos. Amanda used to live in NC so she is familiar with the beautiful sunsets, skies and beaches. However, they were only here for a day so we only had one day to make the shoot work and mother nature had other plans. The sky was really dark and gloomy and it had been sprinkling on and off, but I promised Amanda I would add some "sun" into some of her photos and a pretty sky in at least one. I used some post processing magic to help add some sunny glow and pretty skies to some of her photos since mother nature wanted to work against us that day. haha It's not the real thing but it helps to be able to use post processing techniques to add that sun/beautiful sky in there when someone really wants it! I hope you enjoy some of the previews that were some of my favorites!

MAKEUP was done by the amazing MAKEUP BY BRIANA

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